I close my eyes

I close my eyes

My hand touches

But I wish it were you

The flowing emotion swirling within your eyes

Soft kisses upon your lips to mine

The sweet scent wafting from your hair

The warmth of your body intertwined with mine

Reluctantly my lips leave yours

And plant gentle kisses to your throat and shoulders

Slowly my tongue travels to one breast

Sliding slowly,


I taste the nipple and suck as my hand slides down your chest and waist

My fingers play gingerly with your feminine folds

As my tongue travels across the hardened

Awaiting nipple yearning for a caress

I kiss your ribs, your stomach,

I kiss your thigh,

The tongue journeys to the other side

To repeat this lover’s kiss

My tongue travels into your womanly valley

Tasting, sucking, licking

As if to try to quench my inner fire

The aroma hastens my desire

Meaty shaft hardened by passion

Enters the moisture

Rhythmically, slowly,

To the ebb and flow

Flesh pressed against flesh

Two separate pubic mounds

Collide for a brief second

Further spurning on shared desire

Sweaty and on fire

Tongues dance to a shared heartbeat

The tempo slowly quickening

Arched back, stifled moan

An explosion released deep within

Flooding your cavern

Two juices mix to unite as one sexual pool

My hand touches

My eyes open once more

The bliss darkens to nothing again

Because I wish I was with you.


16 thoughts on “I close my eyes

    1. I missed a spot? Darn stutter! Glad you liked my little foray back to the days when I was writing/posing under the guise of “Crassinova”!


  1. “And plant gentle kisses to your throat and shoulders…”
    I always wonder at the start of a journey since the end of it is only what we write in between.


  2. *lips pursed*


    Now you knew when I saw the words “adult themed” behind your name…I was going to show up.

    As an erotic romance writer, I can say the piece had a tiny bit of purple prose edge which would usually annoy me and turn me off. But there’s something about the flow and the word choicing and combinations throughout that kept me reading. And the end was definitely the clencher. It was like having the gates of heaven revoked!

    tsk, tsk, very crafty AB… Nice work. Love those closing lines, especially after the build up.

    I’m about this ** close to subcribing, lol 😀



    1. Shucks, my dear, I’m a thinkin’ my cheeks are red but I’m not near a full length mirror to bend over and look! Sorry about the purple prose essence, but I tend to get that way when I try to make my dirtiest thoughts seem eloquent – though can I get away with it by saying it’s all Prince’s fault? I tend to put on his music (the earlier albums, pre- “Purple Rain”, when I’m feeling ready to get all nasty sweaty – this one, if I remember correctly, I had “Do me baby” on repeat to create the mood in my head (by the way kids, if you really want to get on your English Lit teacher thinking you need hormonal regulators, for your poetic interpretation analysis “Jack-U-Off” then follow up with your character analysis of a Shakespearean character by doing Malcolm from “Macbeth”, particularly Act IV, Scene 3). Hopefully the next adult themed one will be much more kinder to you in the end~


  3. woah!
    As intriguing as it could be.. I love reading detailed ones and yet with certain veil over it!

    Dang you were just imagining it over.. whewww!!
    I remember having read one more on the them.. may I say you do “it” so brilliantly!

    Weekend hugs xoxox


    1. Thank you very kindly! A lot of poeople strive to be profficient at their careers, but me – I think having a certain skill level for leisure time is a far better usage of the limited mental capacity that I do have!


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