Une Nuit avec Tu

Silken sheets laid across a carnal bed,

Lay back and slide sensuous thighs to the edge;

Slowly long legs come to rest upon my shoulders

Lifting hips and lower my mouth in one smooth motion

I press my lips to yours softly

Up and down my tongue trails

Swirling upon your clit ;

Spread wider lusting lips

Faster and faster

Sucking upon swollen clit-

I Slide a finger into you

Rock to and fro

Pumping in and out

Increase the pace;

Plunge deeper and deeper

Lift your body and explode

I drink deeply such orgasmic soup delightfully

Pelvic muscles contract around my appendage tight;

I stand and lay your legs against your stomach-

My hardness vibrating in anticipation and want-

Waiting for permission to enter your hallowed hall of passion

Your hand grabs and leads my tip to tease

Tracing such pouted lips was never so sweet.

Moist begats moist I moan

and spread your legs wider and slowly

I rock back and forth a little until my wanting manhood

was all the way inside of you

I reach down and and massage your clit

Thrust and finger twirl begin to get faster and faster

Stroke after stroke harder and faster motion –

Desire released,

We collapse together in peace

To untap more sexual energy

and begin anew..


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