Tu et Moi

Upon this steamy and humid night

I think of such silken bodily delight

To bring each into passion’s reach

And to the other learn from and teach

Bring your wanting body over mine

Chosen have we to sixty nine

Take me down deep

Innerly let your tongue creep

Grind your hips with a roll

Guide my lips from clit to slit to hole

With every quiver and stroke

Give in to pleasure, release and soak.

Only to take back to the tip

And give sweet kiss with experienced lip

Inhale each others sexual scents

So each’s sexuality inflame and intense

Slow and easy at first

To lengthen the other’s sordid thirst

Eventually quicken the pace

Grinding your mound into my face

Tongue and fingers play

Until your knees give in and you splay

With with rapid flicks of my tongue in you deep

Cover me with your sweet cream to reap.

Firstly, I would like to thank the tireless efforts of the
Jingle community into giving a forum for the focus on the musings of such great
artists, though how the heck I slipped through I have no idea.  I’m just tickled that some folks think that
the stuff that falls out of my head deserves some sort of recognition! The
person I would like to nominate is Black Swan poetry

Secondly I would like to apologize for the slowness in
answering those kind enough to comment on my posts and visiting all those out
there.  Work has sort of go a little
loco; our staff in the past month has grown 300%, from the four of us to
twelve, and unfortunately the higher ups have decided to hire our new recruits
from the 17 yr old age group where common sense, giving a damn and effective
time management have yet to gestate.  It
has created a new brand of work for me to do, much of which is spending nights
correcting the errors and anticipating the next day’s disasters. It doesn’t
help that I’ve been volunteered to create a quality control document, which Dr.
Phal keeps on insisting in helping with the presentation….


32 thoughts on “Tu et Moi

      1. Thank you, you know, I’m always surprised when someone nominates me; I’m not a one for the spotlight unless its on a stage


    1. Thank you! I really don’t understand the lack of work ethic and pride in doing a job to the best of your ability that seems to be around today. I was raised to perform to your best always, even if you did not like what you were doing, because it is a reflection on you whether it is overt or hidden. It is almost like the kids today have been conditioned to accept that they should be rewarded without putting in an effort.


    1. Glad you liked it – but for future reference you should never say “my battery went dead” to me – it provokes my mind to picture somethings that overheat my furnace!


      1. Oh, er, uhm, I meant the laptop too – I mean what I was thinking could sit atop your lap, I suppose…I think I’ve been working wth Dr. Phal for too long…..


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