Coming home

Upon entering what foolishly thought was my welcoming home

What did I have to greet?

Twelve pairs of eyes penetrating me, like sizing up a piece of meat

(or mayhaps as a late night treat).

After hellos were said

I thought briefly about saying that I was going to bed-

But wicked smiles abound that thought quickly fled.

I looked at the table laden with empty bottles of wine,

(never ever a good  sign)

hoping that I wasn’t to be the meat they want to dine.

The odds were I could easily handle four or five,

But after the tenth I doubt I would be alive

And two more impatiently waiting for my stamina to revive.

I’m not going to ask what kind of party it was,

Well, I don’t wish to know, no man does,

But it definitely made them girls have an estrogen buzz.

And with the lecherous smiles all those women wore

Whoever would be their target ,the next morning would be sore

Which is why I kept myself ready to flee, standing by the door.


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