The Walk

Well hello there bro! 

Can I talk to you for a mo? 

Something a matter?  You seem a bit hesitant; 

Surely a guy like yourself 

Couldn’t be not that be self-confident? 

Who am I? 

Just a guy trying to get by… 

Oh, you recognize me now that  

I’ve stepped from the shade into the sun – 

For fuck’s sakes be a man and don’t run 

See what you made me do? 

I had to snap your leg in two. 

Let’s go for a walk, 

Or in your case- a limp – 

And have a little talk. 

Why yes, we have walked quite far, haven’t we? 

But considering the nature of our convo it’s proper don’t you agree? 

It may very well be that you figure you did enough time 

For your confessed crime 

And for you it’s in your past – 

But I don’t see how two years less a day 

Is the right proper amount to pay. 

Look, I know you didn’t get her hooked on that junk, 

Or put it in her veins, 

You’re just a sorry assed pusher punk. 

I also know you were just trying to impress that biker club – 

But you picked the wrong chick to do, bub. 

See what you made me do again to you? 

By trying to run from your responsibility 

I’ve had to turn your other leg to match the other’s black and blue 

I suppose it’s apt that your laying on the ground like that, isn’t it? 

After all, you are just a piece of shit. 

I don’t suppose you’d tell me how you got her into the woods? 

How did you put her at ease without raising her drug inflamed alarm? 

Did you lure her with a promise of more drugs or your charm? 

Did you know that she was a daughter, sister, mother and wife? 

Did it make you feel like a big man to take her life? 

They say the first slash to her throat was the killing blow, 

But tell why you put seven more across her chest, 

Were they just to watch her blood trickle and flow? 

Did you laugh at the missing posters hung around 

When you knew she was perfectly still rotting in the snowy ground. 

Was her murder one you thought out? 

Did you specifically target her and consciously lure her 

Or was it that the opportunity simply came about? 

For such a big man you weren’t that bold – 

Leaving her body half buried in a place like this alone and cold. 

You let her family wonder for a year 

Letting them hope that somewhere out here she was stoned but alive 

Until your mouth slipped after one too many beer. 

You’re awfully quiet – you haven’t answered anything – 

Usually when one’s moment of the end they want to sing. 

Not that it matters to me, 

I don’t like you or dislike you –  

It’s simply a matter of duty you see. 

I could care less for your reason to be frank and honest  

I’m just here to put the matter of real justice to rest. 

See, it’s just an eye for an eye, 

Tooth for a tooth, 

You have to see that little nugget for its truth. 

Don’t take it personal, I’m not – 

I’m just delivering the goods your own actions bought. 

Recognize this nifty little blade? 

Kinda like yours was – 

It’s quite a common style being made. 

I’m afraid I’m methodical so this won’t be quick, 

I want you to feel each slice and see your blood run and turn thick. 

Does the deep gush through your cheeks hurt? 

Wait, don’t answer – 

I like the design its making on the ground with each heart beat driven spurt. 

Betcha wish you were a chick with on each side of your body a great big breast 

Cuz without those I really was able to cut in quite deep into your chest. 

Oh, Sure go ahead and scream; 

By the morning I will be done and upon your newly cold flesh 

Will the maggots teem.


4 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. Oh my gosh… *speechless*
    This is just so… (sorry, I was shocked with what you have expressed) What goes around comes around when time due, is it not? Interesting.. I enjoyed the ‘scene’ you painted with your words.. Can literally see what’s going on.. And, carrying on with my imagination, I wondered if that someone is the death angel or something like it. Sorry, about my imagination.. 🙂
    Anyway, found you through Jingle Poetry.. Submitted an old post of mine though at no.154 on the list.. Looking forward to your visit.. 🙂


    1. Glad you liked it, sometimes the angel of death is more like a duty bound “eye for an eye” when lawyers stop justice from being served. look forward to reading ya!


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