Web of Wyrd

An isle hued crimson
On a shadowless night
Upon a fathomless ocean
I recall

Iced and weary am I –
Tossed overboard purposely
To be swallowed
Without nary a second glance
I plunge

Seconds pass delving deeper
To hold breath and rise
Or open and hasten sure demise
I ponder

To which ego do I owe allegiance?
One that craves martyrdom?
One that cries for indifference?
Or one that denies a wished hurt?
I decide.

The surface breaks roaring in regret
Air smacks needy lungs-
Blackness reserved for the abyss
Inhabits the eyes and mind
I live

Adrift but solid in belief of worth
Spying a forgotten dingy – I grab.
Now I lay upon its bottom
Cold, hollow, devoid
I see nothing

Days and nights smear into one
Strength sloughs with certainty to apathy
The elements try to provoke,
Pushing limits to spark reaction
I lay

Numbed, oblivious, unknowing
Blind of environment
I sit up at a spark racing by
Rusted resolve creaks
As dead eyes follow
I question.

Toward an uncertain horizon
I propel myself slowly
Timidly, shakily, fearful
To a deepening red
Will it be blood spilt in spurn
Or passion’s promise?
I row.

Haven or torturous flirt;
Is the isle open
Or surrounded with sunken razor edge
To shred my remainder?
I row.

This is my virgin foray into the world of “One Stop Poetry”, which is located at http://www.oneshotpoetry.blogspot.com/


17 thoughts on “Web of Wyrd

  1. You made me recall a story told by one of teachers who worked at a VA hospital, he noted that on occasions a patient would attempt suicide in the pool…he would nothing…but wait for them to surface after no doubt deciding the same as in your poem….thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thanks! I should clarify that this is my virgin sally into the world of One Stop; for the past couple of months I have been participating in the Poetry Potluck from Jingle Poetry as well as the Poet’s Rally. As for the poetry, I’ve been scrawling it since I was knee-high to a polecat. My subconscious and conscious are not the best of neighbours, often fighting over where the property line is and as a result, the subconscious communicates through dreams that wake me up and does allow me to fall back to sleep until they are written out.


  2. a warm welcome into the world of one stop poetry :=)
    glad you linked up with us..and you took me quite on a journey
    loved the last line.. it has this “no matter – i will go on” feeling – love it


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