Shooting Star

Caught am I in wanting you from afar;

 I close my eyes and your image cascades through the darkness as a shooting star,

yet my name would not to you bring spark to recognition

though you are my heart’s addiction.

 Oh how I wish you could know my jellied bones

when you give an unseeing hello as on the street we pass by;

if only I could lift your blind but I never try. 

A thousand reasons I could list of what makes me a good man

who your attention would merit

yet if I am close to you each resounds a demerit.

 If only I was able to hand you the world as I offer you my heart.

 Alas I have not that to offer,

so in your unawareness I shall live,

 watching my darkened sky

 as your light shoots across it by.


5 thoughts on “Shooting Star

    1. Thank you very much! Often I wonder how many folks do see from afar and lose out when they feel they cannot touch the sky lest it fall…..


  1. Oh my gosh…this was sad and beautiful!! You keep feeling that you are not “right” for them…and so all you can do, is keep loving…how sweet is that!!! And then there are times when they are so far that all you can do, is still keep imagining them and keep loving … how tough that might be!! phheeww… but then love really inspires!

    A very fine piece, A. B . Thomas…thank you so much for sharing it with Poetry Potluck.. it is so befitting the theme.. yaayyy


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