January Walk

Orange rouge hue of night’s arrival

Heighten’d by sheen’d ice crust’d snow

As such my weary legs portage’d through

When unannounce’d from aside

Doth the Heaven’s gift entrance steady’d footfall gaze

To afore where crystal’d ice dance in the sky anew.

Those two chestnuts roasting

Oer those ember’d lush lips

Swathe’d with deep ebony’d blanket of hair

How doth thine cherish’d visage shine

Illuminating fully the vista of eterne content.

Oh to be wrap’d snug in that caramel tinge’d warmth

Beholden freely with naught but perchance to spy a smile

Or a whisper’d touch along my cheek

That flushes e’ry pore pass’d o’er

Igniting each tendril of nerve with burst of passion.

Such Eden-esque bliss doth her presence invoke

Yet to know the prior result

Of one taste of succulent forbidden fruit;

To risk cast out to the barren parch

Be still a merciful memory’d haven to relapse within

Over unending question of if I haveth….


14 thoughts on “January Walk

    1. You’re too kind – I wish it was skill, I am of the opinion that most of the stuff that I end up writing is more from just not knowing what I can or cannot or should or should not write – I’m sort of a garage sale kind of writer, I don’t know if it works or not, but if it’s only a quarter, I’ll take the chance!


    1. If only I was! I was utterly shocked recently when I was informed that holding my beer while I change the truck’s oil is not a date….


  1. This is vivid & smooth.
    “Oh to be wrap’d snug in that caramel tinge’d warmth”…nice.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting my blog. I appreciate it.


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