I watched someone die today

I watched someone die today

Twasn’t for any reason

Other than some fuck’s

Version of play.

Blood danced upon the wall

Bones cracked to a hollow beat

Over who was who’s lay.

I probably could have done something

Yelled or stepped forth

But no…I walked away

Time has altered me

From when I was young

And my actions wouldn’t have been okay

Once I would have stopped the violence

Now I care little if it be not me

I watched someone die today.


28 thoughts on “I watched someone die today

  1. When one lives around a lot of senseless violence…it becomes easy not to respond to what you see…the increased violence in world has made many hardened to death. An interesting verse.


    1. It says alot that we have become so desensitized to what goes around us, have we become more civilized or beastial in our thinking? thanks for the comment!


  2. I watched a man stand on a bridge for two hours while police tried to talk him down. During that time I wondered what made him come to this point and what could be done to talk him down or try to help him. The oddest thing throughout this was how the people just went about their daily routine, some would look up and never were fazed some even laughed and joked about it. Desensitized yes uncaring yes


    1. It scares me sometimes, the way humanity has adjusted itself to be outraged at something a world away yet to ignore what goes on as if the norm in our own backyard.


  3. Your poem came timely with what is happening around here in my country.. Recently, there are teenagers, who gets themselves into some gangs fight and one was slashed dead.. It just break my heart knowing there is so little that we can do to help.. Anyway, I found you through Monday Potluck, and here are my entires – different feelings for both..
    See you around.. 🙂


  4. Very honest … if I am not the one that died, who cares? But how do you know you were not the one you was watching? This piece is very thought provoking. It begs to ask the question, do I still believe that all is one and one is all?


    1. That is the question isn’t it? Thank you for providing me fodder for a ponder that I had not thought of in that particular way….


    1. Glad you liked it, its not an easy thing when you have to admit that you’ve should have done nothing but instead you just walked on by, it makes a peson less in their own eyes if no one elses.


  5. I think it’s not just a matter of being desensitized. I think for some, or maybe most, it’s cowardice. You witness somebody being killed, and your first instinct is to walk away so you won’t become part of it. If you step in, it’s like inviting danger. It’s not right, but it’s human nature. Human nature dictates that we not risk our lives if it’s not directly beneficial to us.

    Your poem exposes a less-than-impressive trait in most, if not all, of us. That’s why I like it.


  6. Einstein said it a long time ago, that our technology has stolen our humanity. Or something like that –I quote him in my blog piece Why I Broke Up With Facebook.

    I love your insight here and the use of repetition and yes, it’s great to meet another Canadian poet online, eh? 😉


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