Come and sit

Treading unbound from that dualistic solid form

Bandied as the solution of being only one

for nearly a quadrupled harvest moon

Hath I bemoaned –




With shivering touch I reach out wistfully wanting;

A single sudden intake breath taken in:

Acknowledgment to potential though in a matter 

That I was once to someone and beseeching to be so again

Though angel you deny

Within these eyes the description cries out truth

Come and sit,

Close thine eyes to slits in candlelight

Let me amuse and announce me to thee

By shadow dancing winsomely


27 thoughts on “Come and sit

  1. Unheard, unmissed, unsatisfied…….tragic feelings. Wanting, seeking, that which one has lost. Then the wonderful image of shadow dancing. This is beautiful, and the more I read it, the more I feel it in my soul.



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