As we sit

Hast thou forgotten of what ere now thou vow’d?

With certainty in the convict were these tokenly spoke,

“I knows’t thou’s mind as if were mine,

I will naught form thee but together’d company”?

So unto the valley of thy’s experience to step were thou allow’d.

Wouldst thy forsake of thine frost’d distant essence

In favor for a candy’d shallow’d false eterne visage?

Knows’t well did thou with initial claimed acceptance

To what master of public façade doest rule thy manner –

Yet ere un-nature’d display is that would demand as penance?

Stood hath I in my nakedness fore no woman save thee

For a dozen half’d plus one year more,

Each add’d tether accept’d to bind thy fast to thee;

Chance upon chance happen’d during those with tempting caress

Yet in innocence dubiously judge’d thy punish harkens now.

Pronounce in diatribe nonsense for thine ear

Morn to eve if thou’st prescribe to be so

Of fettering a creation of thee’s own making.

Mark though this that each word thou cast thy digest

For all that doest produce within thy breast could thine’s flesh sear.

So do continue if it pleases thee

As the music exudes atmosphere to your contrary mood,

In this chamber of dwell close yet an ocean away

Whilst thy memories of ‘as thou are’ pass afore thine mind’s eye

As further rust’d doest become thy heart’s key


12 thoughts on “As we sit

  1. Morn to eve, fettering a creation…A woman faced with deciding what she wants, yet free to choose love or not,
    her heart’s key becoming rusty with indecision. Well written and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.


    1. glad you thought so! sometimes I wonder when I do this particular style if I’m going a little too far back to be seen as relevant in today’s poetic community.


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