Ninety three

In a room some time I have spent,

Curtains tightly closed to mask the event.

Murmured comfort barely heard

Balance thoughts real and absurd,

Attempting to paint a rosy canvas by word.

The empty promise teased by a new year

Yet a new adventure did appear

And beckoned, “come with me, my dear,

Away from those you did rear.”

A plain white sheet drawn over the head

Hides the vibrant lines of life once led

Through the darkened sky of night

Ringing upon a golden unicorn of light

Speeds off revered light.

Lent for too brief of time to the Earth

Was a soul to guide and spread mirth

Never once in those eyes was any fear;

Over missed opportunity never a tear-

Such strength was a honour to be near.

Unfettered from mortal flesh confines

To explore the interests across untouchable lines,

I will watch for your loving signs –

I will strive to percieve your heavenly designs.


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