You trip me out

You trip me out said the cat to the chick

You flash your sweet junk

Then call me a prick!

You don’t appreciate retorted the chick to the cat

You think all I am is that

The cat thought about what the chick had said;

Their beginning and to where his mind had been led.

The chick waited with her hands on her hips

While a rhythm played off her thigh from her fingertips

Face a-grin the cat replied babe pay my crudeness no mind

I just got caught up in thinking of the fun of bouncing on and off your behind

Don’t say it the cat cut the chick off before she could vocally start –

You’re like a heaping full grocery cart

You feed my hunger ‘til I’m satisfied~

Not to be placated the chick so snide

So what’s up with the crap about my ass?

Why not sweet and not so harshly crass?

Responded the cat to the chick

Sure enough I’m gonna lay it on thick;

I ain’t meaning for nothing but you to give a giggle

Makin’ you feel fine about what you wiggle…


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