Banff Springs

Of this I speak to thee some ninety years part –

Of bright wedded bliss shattered

By wicked misfortune’s catalyst.

Beckoning their united lives to unfold

Gaiety and laughter rang along

As wedding bells tolled.

The grand staircase of the hotel all aglow

With a multitude of candles lit

She came down agog to receive her beau.

Her thoughts as she stepped down were all on the romance;

T’was a day of joyous celebrate –

Who could have foreseen what would take up and dance?

The bridal dress train behind her did most certainly flow

Naught but a candle’s quick elemental kiss

Did once little flame now unfettered grow.

Incinetory hunger did her fabric’d fete feed –

The heat licked and stung

Making the bride turn to witness the fiery greed.

Long dress which earlier that day was much sought

Now become a ruthless inhibitor

Harried the bride went to stomp but her feet were twisted and caught.

Caught in helpless fright the bride did trip-

Her neck did snap

Once her head the newel did clip.

The corpse then did roll to the waiting groom,

His lovely bride charring and bloody –

He let out a wail that thundered across the room.

The years have past since the binding of two was torn

Yet the horror is replayed to this very day;

Or say those in which truth they have sworn:

A lone feminine voice weeps in an empty bridal suite

Can be heard within the hotel

Tell all of a consummation that will never meet;

And within the stillness of the night upon the staircase

Doth a long trained figure traverse down

Til swallowed by phantom combustible pyre comprised of lace.

The wedded night’s action of bursting the bridal cherry

Forever more unfulfilled

Unlike the grave that they did bury.

Some souls unlive because of anger or hate –

But within my heart I find it most terrifying

When souls unlive because of the happiness they did not sate.


6 thoughts on “Banff Springs

    1. Glad you liked that particular phrase, you would not believe how often I’ve been slapped at a bar for using something similar! Thanks you reading my scrawls!


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