Shattered spirit no naught the kindly gestures

But scathe seething as mistook for one of many court jesters

To which even further lock’d thine warmth from its soft sequesters

Tis all but for thee I wish’d all upon deaf ears to scream

All for which doth I inhale and consume to willingly break’t if thee deem –

if not in flesh perchance its finality could one dream?

Was such a fool to succumb to thine saccharine desires doth awaken from within’d less –

Strained sinews snapp’d with but one uttered soft word – yes –

Such untapp’d eterne could thee unto thy caste’d bodice bless.

But soft! The stir of the loins doth a small recess of fear rebel;

Could a single graze of such heavenly digit begin a journey to Hell?

Mark ere once before foray hazard’d cause the abyss now deep in I dwell

Ne’er twice hath to the singular entity sworn

Nary sway entrance to whom could finish one’s emasculated sojourn

Thus I stand blooded in want yet unwill’d to end thy sole encamp’t mourn.


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