Come into my Darkness

Thursday Poets Rally Week 28


28 thoughts on “Come into my Darkness

    1. Thanks! I’m never too sure of poetry, to tell you the truth. Most of the stuff I write I tend to think about (though often it would appear that I don’t…think, that is) but with the poetry, it is not a conscious effort on my part. It often comes from my total unawareness. I keep a notebook beside my bed, have since I was a wee lad, and I wake up several times a night and write in it. More often than not, I don’t register that I am writing and this is when the majority of the poetry comes from.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the words and the art (which because I am a capitalist at heart, can be seen and purchased on mugs and postcards and soon t-shirts at the e-mag I write articles and the like for, Subversify, store, located at – there I just became a media street walker). As I said before, I don’t have much conscious control over the words or how they come out, but with the visual stuff, I try to take great care in how its presented.
      This one was particularly hard to do because (a) I’m an idiot, (b) though the weather channel said that it was supposed to be warm, it was not, and (c) have I mentioned that I was an idiot. When I got the idea for the shot, I called up a photographer friend of mine and we headed up into the mountains to a tarn that I know. 99.99% of the time that I make my way up to this place, I don’t see a soul, but on the day that I’m carrying around a large set of fake wings, who do I run into – a park warden, who being the nosy sort, asked what did I think I was doing. I explained my grand idea, which was to strap the wings to my back then haunch on the big crag almost in the center of the Chokeknot in my birthday suit as a gesture of artistic expression.
      The warden looked at my friend and asked her how she could allow my manly buck nekkid shenanigans, to which my friend replied that she didn’t care – she was a lesbian and was there purely for the sake of ensuring the camera would not suffer any damage from the inevitable fall down the mountain that I would take when the wind caught hold of the cardboard and craft plastered feathered wings. The warden looked at us for a moment or two, then shook her head and radioed head office that she was heading back and to prepare some medication for her; she was developing a headache. I think the picture turned out okay, and though it took several weeks to stop seeing double from the multiple contusions, I think it fits the atmosphere of the words.


    1. Thank you, very much – sometimes I wish I knew where some of the words came from, I tend to be far more blunt when I’m awake. No wonder people prefer me sleeping….


    1. Oh I will certainly be doing that – Don’t you just love it when work just never seems to end? Friday can’t come soon enough for me this week


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