In Response to a lady’s offer of Constant Accompaign

Ah, you are but the sweetest of fallacies, are you not!

Aye at a telescopic glance the shore must look ideal

Take no offence to the refusal of your shore

But preferred it is to be afloat within the ocean

The perception of futility it may seem

Treading the waters with no assured stand beneath

Hoping only to get temporary reprieve from a stray timber afloat as well

As it bobs and sloshes drunkenly atop the foamed crests

Before my weight causes it to sink wholly into the wetness

As my grasp slithers off


It will breech the surface of the waves soon enough

and I will not extend my hand for it

As I know the only destination

The timber has

To some distant shore

Where it will just another piece of drift wood amongst the many

Perhaps it will be picked up,




All for the amusement of some collector of baubles

Lest ere fore the shore buries it and it becomes forgotten evermore


I would be abhorred if a speck of its jaundice upon there is

Surely tis the opposite that ye opine I squander within

As the sere form of coupledom surely doest make it

Bloated awash am I to lap,

To sway,

To strive to thrive

Without weighty anchor of empathetic inaction upon another’s wishes not shared

Nay to acceptance of being but a bauble say I, dear lady

For a symbol of love and care are never a gift

But loaned

Just as loned one is when dream doth arrive

Not of the pretty display to which with you resides

But the promise of the one seen

Lapping freely upon the waves distant.


11 thoughts on “In Response to a lady’s offer of Constant Accompaign

  1. Wonderful words for staying afloat on the sea of individuality, and not being wasted on some shore with all the rest of the flotsam and jetsam. Thanks for linking to Potluck 🙂


    1. Individuality is one of those things that I think a lot of people take no notice of until its no longer there yet is the very foundation of who we are. That thought seemed to be my theme for last week, I even wrote about the consequences of the loss of individuality in society for an article for Subversify ( Thanks for reading my little tirade!


  2. So connected in one with the other even if there is distance far from each this is how waves work in the first place..thanks A.B….and also thanks for stopping by my blogspot as well…enjoy always(+)


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