The light of the Night’d

E’er naught but once upon a year

Doth night’d innocence maraude

With mischevious gay o’er cement’d path

Beckon’d toward by bright hollow’d carved light

To stalwart pose with candy’d demand

Hail and harken for it be lust’d merry

Which has beguiled and beghoul’d such convene

In mind to playful soul of young to old

To ingest covet’d un-be

Whether terror’d or delight

On the eve of hallow’d eerie reprieve


18 thoughts on “The light of the Night’d

    1. Glad you liked it! I suspect “night’d innocence” was inspired from watching “Scared Shrekless” where Shrek’s three kids hid in a knight’s armor to scare Donkey – I watch far too many cartoons…


  1. I just fell head o’er heels for this style!! Lov’d it!
    What a fine piece… very befitting of the occasion indeed!

    Hope you had a great time potlucking with us! 🙂


  2. eerie indeed.. Anthony, this one is superb read!!

    I am glad I lowered my broomstick to read yours.. off I fly now to taste more.. poetic treats i.e., LOLsss

    Loads of wishes


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