Of Eros’s Ignore


44 thoughts on “Of Eros’s Ignore

    1. I picked up a handle of NeoNorth a few years ago of my preferred style which some called “neo shakespearean”, and that I’m Candian, but truthfully I don’t follow his iambic strategem. I imagine old William would be cursing out of his grave if I ever truly thought I even came close to his mastery of the quill. My style is modelled more after John Donne and Lord Byron, just without the genius to pull it off as well as they did.


    1. I could only wish that it was in the Shakespearean zone! I am painfully ignorant on specific forms and structure of my writing; it just sort of comes out that way. Sometimes I wish I were as skilled as someone like Luke Prater (aka wordsalad) who can say “this is what this is, this is how its done” and give an explanation of the process. Me, it’s more like throwing a dart blindfolded while balancing on one foot with a pint of lager sitting on my foot.
      Glad you enjoyed it and the visual accompaniment. The image, called “Lament”, was taken as part of psychological/photo erotic experiment on sensory depravation and saturation of which another of the sessions images, “madness” ended up being the back drop for another poem called “Immortal am I”.


    1. I like that term, unusual. By the way, I take no responsibility for the migraines that any of my material may cause from trying to figure out exactly what kind of medication I should be on….


    1. Thanks, you know, sometimes I wonder if apostophes are my minds way of giving the middle finger to a few selective language arts teachers I knew in the way back when…


  1. A.B.–enjoy the neo-Shakespearian flare of this poem and the image is amazing. Got a good laugh out of your cartoon. Thanks for your comments on my poem. I don’t know if you watch Dancing with the Stars, but when I read what you wrote, I could see Bruno jumping out of his seat when someone does a good job. I’ll never make dancing…but I enjoyed the experience. :o)


    1. It was a pleasure to read your stuff, and glad you liked my little scrawl. I like that people do actually look at the cartoons, its my little cushion to those who may think that I possess any amount of decorum. I sometimes wonder if people go, “hmmm, well this guy sounds like he’s intell….what the…no, my mistake, he’s an idiot”. As the saying goes, “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. Enjoy potucking!


    1. thank you, sometimes I wonder if this style that my mind prefers because it so wishes that it could hear any form of “class” in regards to its physical embodiment…


    1. Thank you, sometimes it seems to fit more aptly, I think its more of my belief that the emotional ties of relathionships are somewhat still in their middle ages, just in the over complication of something that should be so simple.


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