The Plain of Oberon

It came to pass motive onyx’d on the land fell hard
Begun as murder crown’d bled down the court mar’d
With each morn skull upon femur of flesh defiled
Lay upon the cobble and granite piled.
Neath the remains of aristocratic slay
Did the triad of old stand met without further delay
To speak of what action was to be done
To dam the crimson streams that ran with the rise of the sun
Twas of accord that I was chosen for the seek
Of the solution of what had to be of magick’d dark reek

The course was to a kingdom near but far
Only found when one stood on the tail of a fallen star
Moon aft haft did the night I give chase
With each moon down fearing Hell had etch’d itself deep the realm’s face

Upon the dawn of a fortnight thrice
Weary’d to the marrow did I shout I would pay any price
Then to the ground collapse did I
and witness’d an answer downing fast upon me from the sky

Molten light to chill’d mist I myself found
Supine in a pit of sides wood’d thick sound
With whispers of an intruder hath found their heart
Til one side of bark and leaf did part

Oberon king of the folk Faer
Upon me did harshly glare

“Quickly speak
My impatience is at its peak”

“I come acrawl upon hand and knee
Blood’d with hope tinged despair I plea
To thy lord blest with sharp mind and ear
To cast his eyes to there from here
Lost hast smooth’d circle of all decide become
To be stead’d sharp arrow quad corner of the some
Take unseen hand to plane edges to be reconciled
And tame what has to be un-natured wild”

From frost’d to berg did become his glare
Oberon spoke in tone challenge me naught be the dare
“Of what you desire is not of a resolve
But more the so the path to your absolve

Begone –
To yourself do so but to me do not con”
A turn of the back was his dismiss terse
To ignore the plea for away to wash man’s own curse

This is my little entry into the One Shot Wednesday (, which believe me, is difficult – I’ve never been able to stop with just one shot before….


18 thoughts on “The Plain of Oberon

  1. Phheeww!! What a tale!!! ENJOYED it thoroughly! Oberon sure seems stern! Not easy fooling him, alright!!
    LOVED your rhymes and rhythm…
    And the wordplay – Fantastic!!!


    1. I’m glad you liked my little tribute to Oberon, I always thought that some of the literature of him has always been far more playful than the original mythos that was developed for him.


    1. Thank you, it came to me a couple of nights ago – after watching my dvd copy of the Disney cartoon “Gargoyles”, which set the stage for some pretty darn bizarre dreams, even for me.


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