Pray do lend thy lobe of hear
For aft away peril may you steer
For thy groin to her will insist
Take of thine harken to resist
For all that is shalt not be as appear

When doth she go ashimmer
Which to natured creases soften to dimmer
To pass of voluptuous mortal of sex the fair
Yet of this be aware
Neath her facade doest anger so primal simmer

Mark her not; her desire ignore
Be not a fool in lusty intent approach of shared climax’d roar
For pull thee in will supple breasts that press against
But only for release of air’d drug of de-sense’t
That fallen prey hast thee to what hast remain’d not lore

An ache hast she to quench thirst of blood spill’t
To blend within sex’d stream unbestill’t
As naked flesh of two into one is forged
From o’er low lip’t unround engorged
Doest come fleshy pike to pierce thee kill’t


This is an entry for the poetry potluck

A ramble about Shirtazia

I can well imagine that 99% of folks who will read this will be scratching their heads at both the title and the entire verse.  The simple explanation is that Shirtazia is a character from one of my stories (Jared Club goes to the Virgin I’lls), who happens to be a psychopathic hobgoblin (which is why I decided that it fit the creature/cosmos criteria for the potluck – as much as anything I tend to do fits anything). In my little world, hobgoblins are the female gender of goblins. Goblins, from lore, tend to be rather nasty creatures in the first place so I upped their like of causing emotional trauma to the mortals who come across their path to a physical. Not being satisfied with goblins being violent towards humans, I chose to create a rationale that allowed for the type of violence that Shirtazia explores with her victims: goblin procreation leads to death of both egg and sperm donor and in order to accomplish these deaths, the reproductive organs of both sexes have evolved into cartilage and flesh weapons of destruction (for a more complete outline, see

The idea for the methodology of choice for Shirtazia’s murder spree was a fluke.  A few months back, I was listening to one of the guys I work with complain that once again he had been turned down by yet another woman that I know for a little sum-thang.  As with all men, who have the ability to rationalize rejection, he summed up his lament with a scornful, “she doesn’t have any tits anyways” as if it were he who did the rejecting.  Being the sensitive soul that I am I said comfortingly, “yeah, but from the way she walks, you know she’s gotta have a killer clit”. He left me with the one finger salute of appreciation and “killer clit” was now stuck in my head.  I had written an idea down for a Club story with a hobgoblin as the antagonist so because of my lack of multi-tasking ideas, the two were combined.  It led to having to write out a new history of goblins and hobgoblins to match the idea, but I am tenacious in my inanity.  As for the name Shirtazia, its origin is pretty basic, I started out with “Sherry’s ta-ta’s” and attempted to make it sound more dignified.   It seems that no matter how much older I get, my maturity level always remains at a ten years old.  Who’s Sherry you may be asking, read on….

The sketch, done with two thick Sharpies, red and black, and a #2 pencil, was my original concept of Shirtazia, though I ended up changing her hair colour to a more sedate auburn over the red as well as adding a mental few more pounds to the shimmer version of Shirtazia (a.k.a) Shay-Lynn when I began fleshing her out on paper. Unfortunately I never studied the human form in any sort of fashion, so my sketching technique comes from the two largest influences as a lad: Dave Berg and Don Martin.  Bless my uncles who read “Mad” then left those precious issues at my grandparents house for me to peruse through on those cold nights.  The sketch is of a friend of mine, Sherry, who was helping me out figuring out shots for a proposed photo essay on a modern adaptation of the Egyptian creation myth.  It may appear that Sherry, notice the “Y” not an “I” at the end because as she has told many a poor sap fool enough to approach her with the line that she has a pretty name, “It’s Sherry with a “Y”, butt munch – Sherri with an “I”  wouldn’t be about to rip your balls off and shove them down your throat”, looks non-amused, which she was – normally I do simple stick figures to give a rough pose idea some sort of concreteness before I set up; mostly because I’m usually quite alone when I do so.  So when it comes to bouncing off ideas and she undressed and said, “like this?” Well, I’m not about to draw a stick figure if there’s a naked woman in front of me. It was from the resulting shoot that the background image for “Cold, Alone, without” came into being.


28 thoughts on “Shirtazia

  1. Went to the link you placed in your “ramble” – encyclopaedia-entry-goblins. You created all of that? If a horror film was ever made out of this, my goodness there would be a decline in the population of the world I betcha.

    Why does the sketch have black goves or darkened hands?


    1. As I said, I tend to be anal retentive in my banality when it comes to creating a character that can remotely be seen as plausible.Aye, she is wearing weight-lifting gloves and I could probably come up with a plausible explanation for the gloves, but the harsh truth is that I have a serious problem drawing hands; they just never seem to turn out right for me. I don’t know why this is, I’ve tried practicing just doing hands but to no resolve of the difficulty I have with them. A few years ago a friend suggested that it was not that I couldn’t draw or paint hands, but it was a physical block set in response to psychosomatic shadow to what he suggested was my overview on my existence of living on borrowed time. Mind you, this was the same guy that one night as we were having a few games of pool with a couple of bikers chose to start doing a soft shoe while singing “It’s raining men”.


      1. I think the game was forfeit after I used the pool cue to sink one of the biker’s balls deeper into his side pocket…..


      2. Re: hands. You might consider that Da Vinci dissected corpses to understand anatomy. (His sketches are online.) In general there must be proportions involved. Imagining their construction from the inside out might help.


    1. Thank you very much, each time I decide to put something into potluck I feel very timid; my mind tends to be very sexual or macabre, and with the talent that puts their stuff up, yeah, I’m outta my league.


  2. Read the info in the link – encyclopaedia-entry-goblins as well as this piece. You were really creative in your descriptions of the goblins and hobgoblins. Here the hobgoblin’s ability to use illusion to attract a male human as well as the male’s tendency to objectify the female form seems to be what “done them in”. Can’t tell a book by the cover sort of thinking. Why does the figure have dark gloves on or darkened hands in the sketch? (Good sketch by the way.)


    1. I wrote the hobgoblin/goblin entry after I had written a chapter of the story – (I never write anything from beginning to end, I tend to start either at the end or in the middle then try and figure things out from there) because I had to, in my own mind, attempt to create a biological reason for everything, such as the hormone cocktail instead of breast milk, and of course, the “killer clit”. Yeah those damn hands, you’d think that I’d be able to draw those things since I’ve been told I’m very adept at using mine….


      1. The first comment above entirely disappeared when I hit the comment button. So I wrote a second time , oh well.


  3. Well I thought the form of the hands was fine, just thought some of the fingers were bent/turned under. Adept is a very interesting choice of words…


  4. I must admit I was confused at first, but your words also aroused my curiosity. Not the kind of English I’m used to, but I find it lovely nonetheless, perhaps partly because of my unfamiliarity with it. I really like this, and Shirtazia’s one kick-ass hobgoblin. Your poems are always unique and very interesting and consequently, refreshing!


  5. Thanks for sharing this! Like many of the previous comments here I was intregued by the “foreign” nature of the character & context but it did make for a good segue to learn more about the literary world you’re creating. I’m glad you shared the reason for the gloves (and I totally agree!) and for the background info.

    Great way to share a glimpse into the other writing you are doing – good stuff!


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