Just say good bye e’ermore


19 thoughts on “Just say good bye e’ermore

  1. Thought this was very well written. Wonderful use of words/imagery, ex. “re-weavable compromise”, “penny heavy’d eyes”, etc. And the background image does lend itself to the idea of starting anew as when you first came into the world.


    1. When I woke up I had written “penny heavy’d eyes”, “the pheonix that shall rise is naught but reformed fowl lies” and then ten single words such “tries”, “good byes”, “compromise”, etc. It made no sense but when I sat down to write it out of the sleep scrawl, the rest sort of just popped out. The image was from a sweetgrass cleansing ceremony I had attended and I thought though the focus of the words were on the perchance to wallow, the contrast in what was occuring could be intersting.


      1. Maybe my gray cells are misfiring, but I didn’t understand what you meant from this point on – “thought though the focus of the words were on the perchance to wallow, the contrast in what was occuring could be intersting.” I thought of the image as starting anew due to “the phoenix” and “For the embers of its reborn leave residue of delusional lies”


      2. It’s not your gray matter, it’s my lack of ‘em! I tend to fixate on things that really no one would ever catch but on the rare occasions that I understand what I’m going after. This is why I don’t like to answer comments sober! I think where my mind was that many people make the mistake of carrying their baggage on their relationship journeys, so to speak – just like a phoenix, which never truly dies, as there is a piece of the old that the new grows upon. The image, if I hadn’t said anything could have been taken as a new birth over a cleansing – cleansing is like the rebirth notion; the base still exists for the mistakes of the past to be repeated.


    1. Thank you, far too many people look at their past and say “never again” yet in their efforts to “never” do it again, end up doing it over again…


  2. This left me with the sense that so often what we are trying to start over, cleanly, is already tainted because what it was before was never clean….and I’m not even sure if that makes any sense, but it’s what I thought reading your poem.


    1. I think your statement is bang on the money – often we think we are giving a person a clean slate when in fact there is a shadow that is already cast upon the blank slate that makes a person think they have to press harder in order to make the newness be seen clearly.


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