My isn’t this the typical –
Two in an alley behind a bar
To pull the other into combat –
Not really so avid when one sees his verbal assaults
Results to intent of the other to mar.

Hush such whine-
O’er a mere trickle of blood from nasal flesh,
No less –
Save such noise for when your skin
Akin takes to that of a fisher’s mesh.

What? A sob –
Not was it a minute less than twenty,
With quiet assure –
Boast of your wrath to make an angel tremble
Assemble did you a listening audience plenty

Shush your whimper –
Roar you did that you could beat the devil,
To Hell and back –
Well, here I am afore you
Do you of your boast’s bravado opt to bevel?


40 thoughts on “Spar

    1. Sometimes brutality is simply a basic human function – regardless of how ‘civilized’ we think we are, there still is that componant to our humanity that comes out, unfortunately its often built up to the point where it becomes much more than it should be.


    1. thank you and quite frankly I’m still agog that I get comments at all – I started out writing erotica so while it was being read, there were no comments. I’m very minimal in my comments as well, mostly because I fear that I be too long winded people may think I may know what the hell I’m talking about – I live by the rule that you only let people see 50% of what you know, that way you never overestimate yourself.


    1. Thank you, and unfortunately in my younger days I did have a wee bit of a temper. It took a lot to get it to the point where I’d do anything about something, but when I did – usually it was not in a positive way.


      1. Nah, I’m too much of a primative to leave it behind, now I just do it in a ring so that when I get my butt kicked, it’s a padded floor I fall on instead of cement!


    1. Sad isn’t it? Back in the day a back alley brawl would end up in bloody noses, bruises, but no real damage – and the next time you’d see your advesary at the bar, the loser would by the winner a round – there was no bad feelings retained. I have a few theories on why things have changed, such as the urbanization (rural bar fights, which I was primarily swapping fists in, you pretty much know that you’re going to see that person again, so there’s a personalization of the experience) and big cities where there is a smaller percentage of chance that you’re going to see that person again. A second theory is that the more PC and “sensitive” society tries to become, the more the violent reaction to that action becomes.


    1. lol, I can’t remember who said it but the quote is “the first man who strikes the other loses”. Fighting is very stupid in the first place, no matter the circumstance but sometimes it’s almost a primal therapy session too!


  1. I think it’s actually better how you men fight, compared to how women fight. We scream, say stupid, hurtful things to bring the other down, slap the other’s face, resort to hair-pulling. Call me strange, but I actually think men fight with more dignity. Yes, even when one or both end up with swollen eyes and a broken nose.

    This is a cleverly written piece!


    1. Thank ya – and you’re right; I’d rather go toe to toe with a man than have the glare of a woman tossed in my direction


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