Sigh if only to that woman I would have said

Take thy hand milady

And let us steal this moment and take it away

Til the gilded dawn does upon our nakedness shine;

Think not for long but just take the lead

For this brief moment of us will soon be gone

Yeah, Just like so….

But Noooooo

My chance did I blow

Cuz I thought not with head atop but below

With “say, wanna hump to go with that camel toe?”

Then I wouldn’t be standing here with an empty beer mug on my head


14 thoughts on “D’OH!!

    1. It’s amazing that I have the capability to be charming yet it only comes hours afterward when it would have suited me best!


    1. sometimes you have to wonder when that moment leads to an abyss….but then again, tis better to feel the pain that be numb….


    1. My biggest flaw has always been my perchance to be smooth hours after the point where I should have been. Glad you approve of the new look!


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