Sun Sketches

Haiku’s – I love to read them; I can’t write’em but love them.  I continue to read about syllable count, the lay out, the emotion, the descriptions, yet it is of no use.  It’s a source of small irritation that I read others who know the art of haiku and take the time to explain how they are put together not being capable to actually construct a true haiku. I suspect its my ingrained lack of focus that I have to ‘fluke’ out any particular style and that if I were so inclined I could probably slow my mind down from flashing multiple images at the same time in order to actually gather a skill at writing, but it is doubtful that I would ever do so. I would be more inclined to attempt the sharpening of the old mental grid if I was not so paranoid that something that I’m not aware of within would be lost and by not having the vocabulary to identify that something, I would never regain it and for the rest of my life I would resent myself for losing something that I didn’t know I possessed in the first place. Though it will make those who truly are gifted in the art of haikus, here is my mockingbird-esque at one.

Cloudless mid day sun above park bench high

A sketch of those who pass by in shadowed outline

To a perceived fullness in imagined fetch


As an extra irritation, I thought I would attempt a high falutin’ yet truly gutteral ‘toon……


24 thoughts on “Sun Sketches

  1. I admit to never having got my head around haikus (probably part of a dying breed me), but I loooooove the daring cartoon with the accompanying verse! Well done! *big smile*


  2. Cloudless midday sun,
    A sketch of those who pass by,
    To perceived fullness.

    Your poetry is always awesome! It has style, rhythm, and always leaves provoking thoughts!


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