Bite me

Why don’t you just

Bite me!

How could I have let you

Invite me?


Excite me?


Delight me?

Why don’t you just

Bite me!

At least

Spite me

To show that there was some care

Despite me…


22 thoughts on “Bite me

  1. This actually reminds me of a relationship [that I didn’t really have] with a girl in high school. She really played with my head until I figured out there was nothing there. Pretty long time ago, but it seems like I ain’t forgetting. Nice write.


    1. Thanks, and I’ve sort been there too – though from the opposite side, so to speak. I’m a just a might dense to the non verbal (and hell, verbal) cues for the most part and there have been a few times where I’ve gone out with a woman and two weeks later find out that, in their minds, she and I had been in a very disassociative relationship and we had broken up because my emotional distance – which was not surprising to me as I had been oblivious that a single date meant a relationship.


  2. Lovely, the bite me, (fight me? ) spite me rhyme.
    “Posted in poetry, “normal” ” 🙂
    This poem reminds me of “Silence of the lambs” somwhow?


    1. thank you, often I diffuse the point of the write but this one I went straight for it, glad it seems to have been effective!


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