Adam’s Mope

The Pits of Hell
He who sits there deserves not the throne
Still yet to the Heaven will he rise with but a simple atone
He has not in the putrid fetidity of humanity grown
What right has He to eternal damnation to sell?
A legion of spawn born to chaos did He not sire

Why have the children of my children forsaken me
Why not do they see the nightmare they fear walks among them aground
Not buried like a mole underneath where salvation is floating in the sky!
Is it so shameful to embrace ownership of the evil of now and before
Or is it the ill conceived notion of free will do they ignore
To give power to a pathetic servant who to his master still does implore
The lord of Hell should be a man such as I
Cede His malevolent hypnotic swagger to one who is not bound –
Only then will the true nature of Hell be unleashed for humanity to see


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