Little Sister

Run little sister run

She’s looking for fun

Run as fast as you can

Behind you comes Leanne

Fast little sister fast

if caught you will not last

her needle’s full to paralyze

to take out wrath upon her despise

Quick little sister Quick

Into your cheek a sharp bottle opener she’ll stick

And she’ll slash from it the outline of a heart

To cover the blackness of the old and over restart

I wrote an all Hallow’s tale called “A stalk in the Park” ( last week for which is chock full of my usual foci: perversion, violence and gore.  I’ve always thought the most haunting part of the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” was the little girls skipping rope and singing a little ditty about the main character, the slasher “Freddy Krueger”.  In keeping with certain fascination I decided to write up a little sing along for the main character in the story, Leanne, a woman who has inverted the onus of her own betrayal of the notion of sisterly love and compassion from an internal struggle to external blame of little sisters in general.


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