Deliciously Stunning

Oh to be dispositional to a merciful nature’d blind
Stead caught in the allure of Aphrodite’s unwitted maven-
To cast ‘way that which etches deep to the mind;
The sheen of sultry long dress exquisitely raven
Embracing such angelically ordained curves
Of bodice, back, buttocks with promise of gazelle’d grace in the ‘neath…

A shy giggle, the slight angling of her face as in smile she breaks wide
How doest she not see of her allure –
The Heavens are witness to the failure of ignore I have tried
Whether it be of lust or worship I naught am I sure

Ah…but to have the nerve
In desire my passion to her bequeath…
Wisps of smoke in the stillness of a windless night
Come close not to the smooth seduct of the way she doth in glide move
Yet n’even the threat of Hell’s eterne blight
Canst my want of her shower upon her in prove.
The travesty of cowardice to curry her favor within me taunts!

Curse thee, Air, I curse thee!

To dare brush against such supple lips in nonchalance
Exuding the overt brash of what is shall never be the want be
If only in confidence to speak of the fanciful visions imbued from her attar…

…Alas for that I hath not the cunning
But am held to whisper in the afar
That she is deliciously stunning


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