Aphrodite’s waive

The wane of love take not as soften’d
But it be of the violent
Not to be entwined in that of lust
That be simple in its vile to be lent
Wary be of the fined than of roughen’d
For with practiced favour
The keen’d slice the bearer a clean
Of effort none in trail less done –
A death to what
To a whom in for whatever
Matters none
The construct of a function
To a deceive of passion’d fashion.
Ah yet tis but of the much
To be accost in jagged rend –
With the spatter awash ‘round
Those who’s with time did thee spend.

I am submitting this as part of the Hyde Park Poetry Palace. I hope that you take a look at other fine poets that are participating as well.


16 thoughts on “Aphrodite’s waive

    1. I would add to that there has to be an agreement to that fixed number as numbers are abstract and are only defined by the acceptance of the preconceived notions of mathematics. If one gets another to accept something as intangible as a symbol to represent contrary to the mass acceptance, that does not make that person wrong nor does it make them right.


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