What’s there to say really? Write and occasionally doodle.  I hail from the province of Alberta, Canada, born in the badlands and have gone out of my way to live up to being ‘bad’ – not in the Michael Jackson sense but a far poorer Russell Crowe sort of deal.

Surprisingly, the above original “about” page wasn’t enough for the few who have stumbled upon this much abbreviated input of information.  The stray tendrils of demand to formulate a formal introduction behooved me to sit down to pen such a result – mostly because I really dig the word “Behooved” so when the occasion arises that I can slide it into something I invariably do so…which coincidentally seemed to be the path that my dating life led to for a certain period of time.  To those who mistakenly have requested that I expand the ‘about’, you’re about to find out how I can walk into the bar with a twenty and come out liquored up and sixteen in change…

The ‘splash’ of this could be said to be I was born two years after the Summer of Love within the bosom of the Alberta Badlands.  My influences are many but the few that seem to stick out would be Oscar Wilde, Sir Winston Churchill, Tom Robbins, Lord Byron, Shakespeare, Truman Capote,Tom Holt, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Dave Barry,Elvis, Barry Allen, Bobby Curtola, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols,Teenage Head and The Ramones – in other words I’m an egocentric megalomaniac punk with politically conservative views that have no linear evolution…kinda, sorta, but not really.

An accurate portrayal of how I see myself is as a disgruntled refugee from the netherworld of academia; against my better judgment I continue to think. I contend that there is a surmountable chasm between thinking and thinkin’ – with thinkin’ being the proper and advantageous way of having consciousness.  Thinking implies that it is the rules that matter, that there is an established methodology to how things are to be done, opined or dismantled.  Thinkin’, on the other hand is turning one’s attention to the apostrophe and having the options to decide what said apostrophe commutates. I don’t have faith in those that rely on a slick looking certificate hanging on their walls informing all that this person has a higher sense of validity because they were good little learners and handed in material that concurred with their professors and teachers beliefs; that and the fact that I made a bit of cash on the side writing the material for those who have those slick looking certificates hanging on their walls. So how was that for an ‘about’?  Now you know why people buy me drinks at the bar – if I’m a drinkin’, I ain’t a talkin’!

Any other questions? If so, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award; hope you will accept but don’t feel pressed 🙂 More about the Versatile blogger award on my blog.


  2. Thinkin’, on the other hand is turning one’s attention to the apostrophe and having the options to decide what said apostrophe commutates.

    Thanks for putting this interesting thought in my head this morning.


    1. You’re welcome! I think a lot has to be said for the idea that there is no black and white in how things should be done; often a slight variation leads to a far better direction


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